Pallets In Action

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General Use

Plastic, steel, and aluminum pallets used for general industrial applications with broad appeal for closed loop shipping and work in process.

Printing & Converting

Plastic pallets specially designed to be compatible with many die cutting / printing presses in the folding carton and commercial printing industries.

Corrugated Packaging

Double sided pallets and fork sleeves designed for corrugated work in process with easy stacking and conveyorability.

Flexible Packaging

Pallets with special "cradle style" design to gently hold and support cylindrical shaped rolls during storage and transport without damage.

Food & Pharmaceutical

Safe and sanitary pallets optimal for food and pharmaceutical storage, work in process and closed loop shipping.

Oil Tools & Machine Shop

Pallets designed for optimal safety for raw and finished materials weighing up to 10,000 lbs with molded in steel reinforcement.