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Don't Risk A Recall

Thanks to revolutionary technologies in the plastics industry, innovative Stratis Pallets outperform old-fashioned wood pallets and inexpensive plastic pallets on many levels when it comes to pharmaceutical storage, work-in-process (WIP) and closed loop shipping.

Safe and Sanitary

Unlike some wood pallets and some other plastic pallets, Stratis Pallets do not contain the contamination chemicals 2,4,6-TRIBOMOANISOLE; 2,4,6-TRICHLOROANISOLE or DECABROMODIPHENYL (decaDBE). And because they are clean poly-plastic, they are impervious to insect infestation. Of course, FDA-approved resins are used in manufacturing.

Available in Multiple Sizes

Being the pioneers of pharmaceutical standard pallet types, Stratis offers the largest selection of pallet sizes and styles. However, if you desire, our material and efficiency experts can customize a pallet for your unique needs.

Super Durable

Made of solid-wall-molded technology, Thermodynamics Pallets are designed to last 10+ years. No chips. No cracks. No breaks. (Unlike other cheaper plastic pallets.) Our plastic pallets are also exceptionally reliable in retaining a consistent size, shape and weight. Unlike wood, they will not warp, shrink, splinter, rot or absorb moisture.

Environmentally Friendly

Completely recyclable and reusable, resins and colorants used in Stratis Pharmaceutical Industry Pallets are FDA, USDA and HACCP approved.

Lightweight and Easy-to-Handle

Ergonomically designed with a patented safety-stacking feature, our heavy-duty plastic pallets are surprisingly easy to lift and manipulate. They also have the right combination of rigidity and flexibility to be RACKABLE without cracking.

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Berry Pallet

Berry Pallet

Our newest product is called the Berry Pallet and you can download the brochure by clicking the link below. Be sure to read about the importance of Stratis Pallets in the food and pharmaceutical business worldwide
on this page first.

Stratis Berry Pallet I & II Brochure